Our RW "Rough Water" was desiged for Northwest conditions but works well in large lakes and rivers where water conditions can be incriment. The RW features a deep vee entry and medium vee amidships aft.

Open,Side console, Center console, Walk-through windshield and Hard top.

Available standard or self-bailing

Bottom 72" 1/4" .250 5086
Sides 30" 3/16" .187 5086

All side, bottom, chine, keel and transom seams welded continuous inside and out

2”x3” hull stiffener exterior lifting strakes welded continuous

Welded 3/16” 5052 alloy deck with non-skid

3/16” 5052 alloy bulkheads

Weld on sch40 handrails

Weld on cast custom cleats







RW 21 Center console




RW 21 Center console T-top




RW 21 Hard top





RW 22 Hard top




RW 21 Center console





RW 21 Walk-through windshield